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Can the children’s book character Willow Willpower be flown from Europe to Australia by real female pilots?

To inspire kids worldwide to believe in their dreams, eco-friendly children’s books publisher, blOOturtle Publishing, launches a “Flight Challenge” around the children’s book Willow Willpower starting now. The book-based doll, Willow, is to be flown with the help of female pilots from Europe to the USA and back to her creator, Sarah Cannata, in Australia. In England, the Challenge starts with the young British pilot, Ellie Carter, who had the initial idea for this. In the meantime female pilots worldwide are called on to participate.

Willow’s experiences on every flight and in each country and city can be followed via blOOturtle’s website and social media accounts.


Why this challenge?

The children’s picture book, Willow Willpower, is all about believing in dreams and inspiring children to feel that they can achieve anything they truly put their mind to.

Despite the fact that some female pilots have been world-famous since the early days of aviation, commercial aviation today is still very much a male dominated profession. At the end of 2018, the proportion of female pilots was a mere 5.18% worldwide (see BBC in November 2018) and the women’s share of new commercial airline licenses was below 3% at the beginning of 2019 (see iWOAW). In order to make it in this profession, a woman needs a strong belief in herself and her dreams.



Female pilots around the world are being asked to take Willow, the doll, on board, and make a selfie with her which will be posted on website and social media accounts. After the flight, the pilots can share the adventures within the city/country and give it then to the next female pilot for the next trip…

Laeticia, a retired female pilot of the French Navy, is totally enthusiastic about the project. We are really happy that she has agreed to coordinate the flights since she knows better than us how it works best 😉

You can contact her on



Important information for the pilots:

By taking Willow on your trip, you agree to take pictures of Willow in the sky, and also at great places at your departure/arrival spots if possible. You’ll send the photos and the flight/trip information via email or post them across social media and tag in “@WillowWillpower” and hashtag #WillowsFlightChallenge on Facebook and Instagram.

You agree to ensure Willow makes her way to the next pilot and agree to keep the doll until the next trip is found.


We thank you for your support and participation!

We hope with Willow and your help, we can inspire girls around the world to believe in them and their dreams!