Willow Willpower
Willow Willpower is a fictional character, invented by australian Sarah Cannata and published by blOOturtle Publishing. She is a young curious girl who has always dreamt of flying high in the sky. When Willow’s mum takes her daughter to the local museum, Willow gets to know the aviation legend, Amelia Earhart. It soon becomes obvious to her: she wants to become a pilot like Amelia and travel around the world.

Willow inspires children of all ages to dream big, all while whisking them around the globe. Discover some of the most famous places in the world alongside Willow as she takes you high in the sky.

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Sarah Cannata

The creation of an inspiring girl

Sarah Cannata

“I dream of inspiring people to drive change through the power of storytelling.”

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah Cannata is a writer, journalist and Communications Strategist. A passionate wordsmith, she’s also the founding editor of This Woman Can, an online newshub and digital magazine that helps young people and women to realise and maximise their career and life potential.

Sarah’s passion for writing began in high school when she wrote her first short story. Today, she’s an Amazon.com international best-selling author and has been published widely in The Age, The Daily Muse, Women’s Agenda, Kochie’s Business Builders and is a Huffington Post contributor. She especially enjoys writing about gender equality and women’s issues.

Sarah is the author of the inspiring picture book Willow Willpower.

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Eliane Schädler

Painting the words…

“I dream of inspiring others to dream through my pictures”

Eliane Schädler was born 1992 in Liechtenstein where she grew up. Since her graduation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in the field of illustration fiction, she has devoted herself to illustrating and telling stories.

Through her fine handling of colors, textures and light, she creates strong atmospheres that invite the viewer to dive. Her enjoyment of experimenting and combining analogue and digital techniques lends her works their own intensity, which makes young and old dream.

Eliane Schädler lives and works in Lucerne.

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blOOturtle Publishing

Bringing Willow to Life…

blOO Turtle

”I dream of travelling with the blOO kids and experiencing lots of different cultures and adventures“

blOOturtle Publishing is a young, eco-friendly children’s book company. According to their slogan Thinking Kids, Thinking Planet! they combine fantastic and creative stories for kids with green, eco-friendly and hence, kid-friendly book production. They are involved in finding extraordinary stories that inspire and encourage kids while thinking of a healthy future for you and them.

All picture books produced and printed by blOOturtle meet globally highest recognised eco-friendly production standards

Our goal is to extend our catalogue with international stories from all five continents (so far we have only three!) in different languages, and supporting the good cause on the way.

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Doll Maker

Giving Willow a body to move..

blOO Turtle

”I dream of designing a doll that goes out into the world and conquers children’s hearts – full of courage, spirit of discovery and curiosity!“

blOOturtle searched long for finding the best possible doll maker for our Willow. Willow needs to be unique, inspiring, curious and friendly, and – of course – also eco- and kids-friendly.

With “belambolo – Die Puppenmanufaktur!” we have finally found what we are looking for.
belambolo produces sustainably handcrafted rag dolls (Waldorf doll) made of organic materials for boys and girls! The dolls are fresh, sometimes wild, but always loving, cozily and cuddly. In any case, they have a mind of their own just like Willow: not ordinary, but personally made for all the kids who want to hold it in their arms every day.

Willow the doll: Willow is based on the Waldorf dolls which are compatible with Waldorf (or Steiner) education philosophies. The doll is made out of organic natural fibres. The production of the dolls and their selected high-quality materials correspond to the valid standards of toy production according to DIN EN 71-1 / -2 / -3 / -9; Marking: CE (2009/48 / EC)

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